Thursday, September 16, 2010



before snorkeling and check the safety equipment

another moment occur during and my father's family plan a trip to pulau 3rd or eid, which is just arrive from kelantan, we all go trip to pulau perhentian, and before that we all prepare the foods to bring to that island..coz the cost of foods at that island usually expensive..we juz cut off the cost..the jetty to that pulau was at kuala besut, terengganu..the boat cost was RM70 return. perhentian island has 2 part of island which perhentian kecil and perhentian besar but we all choose the chalet at pulau perhentian kecil. the place name kg. nelayan..there are many room in one house, the room RM80 each per nite..quite okay coz every room has aircond and fan also bath room.. i bought the portable gas at rantau panjang for cooking purpose during the trip to that island. that's really useful in that trip.. we juz check in for a nite only.

my sis
barbeque on that nite was planned well
jungle trekking that we plan ourselve

beach coast that we found during jungle trekking.. 

so the activity is a limited, but still great.. the activity was snorkeling, the boatman and the guide person bring us to 5 check point for snorkeling activity which is coral and fish point, nemo point, shark point, turtle point and air mata air point.. awesome!!!really really awesome!!! check it out the pictures....

testing 1st..and briefing session
 side activities only by our own barbecue, jungle trekking, volleyball match etc..
so its such a wonderful vacation beside gathered with family at terengganu...

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